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5 Steps to Becoming a Woman of Influence

By Pastor and Coach Wanjugu.

Hey BossBabe,

Do you desire to go to the next level of influence in whatever space you are in?

You don’t require endless degrees,
You don’t need a million followers on social media,
You don’t even need multiple high-level connections.

What you need is to realize the potential and grace that God has specially designed inside YOU.
📌Have you been chasing a certain career, enrolled in many courses  yet still feel you are not walking in purpose and making desired impact? 

📌 Are you transitioning to a new assignment and are not sure how to integrate your unique gifts and skills for impact? 

📌 Would you want to wake up each morning, each day knowing it matters because you found your why?

📌Are you feeling like you are on autopilot? I’ve been going to work every day but can’t seem to tell how it’s expressing your gifts and talents?

Would you want to be a Boss Babe that’s creating Kingdom Influence in her space. A woman who is:-
📌Confident in her unique expression
📌 Bold to express and use her gifting to impact others
📌 Who intentionally pursues her purpose effectively
📌 Who inspires others and leads them towards a Kingdom vision?

Well, watch this informative 5 steps teaching that will help you be on your way to becoming a Woman of Kingdom Influence.

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