Our aim is to

Connect women to their identity and God-given purpose by teaching them the Word of God and engaging their skills and gifts to bring out transformation in their communities.

We Focus on:

In this Program you'll get

Three Months Of Coaching (12 Sessions, Every Saturday Morning) Based On God’s Word Changing Your Mind-Set On How You See Yourself As A Woman, A Leader. Get Practical Tools To Grow Your Faith, Prayer, Relationships And Finances, And You Get To Have A Vision Plan And Life Goals Aligned With Your Purpose

One On One Sessions As Well Which Is Really Priceless Within This Package , One To Assess Your SHAPE- How You Are Uniquely Gifted, Life Journey And Strength Zone, And The Other For Your Purpose Clarity And Vision Setting

Accountability Partners In The Group Who Become Your Wired Sisters

Excellent Mentors To Teach And My Spiritual Mentors Who Pray And Commission You In The Retreat

To Impact Together Through A Community Project After The 2 Months

Become a Woman of Influence!

Are you a woman with a desire to walk in your God- given purpose and make impact?

Join She is Wired course and gain:-

  • Biblical insight to womanhood & your
    Identity in Christ
  • How to lead as a Godly woman
  • Clarity of God-given purpose
  • Self awareness and confidence to
    thrive in your Unique wiringpersonality,
    spiritual gifts, strengths
  • Be effective in Prayer and Radical
  • Become a Good Steward of Finances
    and Purposeful relationships

12 lessons every Saturday morning and 3 months project implementation.

Topics Covered

She is a Woman

Learn about your identity in Christ and the purpose God intended for woman.

She is an Influencer

Learn how to lead as a woman and demystify myths and misconceptions

She is Radical

Learn how to grow faith, in effective prayer and fruit of the Spirit

She is an Establisher

Learn Kingdom principles of wealth, relationships and time management.

She is Destiny

Clarify purpose and create a vision plan.



Sessions are held once a week on Saturday mornings from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Includes 4 qualified teachers/mentors.

The last week’s session is an overnight retreat

The small groups in the program take on a project for 5 months

Want More Help to Transform Your Life?

We raise women influencers therefore we call the groups – troops.

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She is Wired troop 11 Application Form

Hey there! Thank you for showing interest in our leadership and personal development program called She is Wired. It is a training platform of 12 sessions and a community project implementation for 3 months. We want to invest in women who will commit to receiving the Word and applying it in their lives and impacting their different spheres. It has qualified mentors who teach and guide, proven principles from the Word of God, and a process that motivates, equips, and prepares women to impact the marketplace with their faith.
Kindly fill in the form below if interested in participating in Troop 11 Beginning end of August, 2023. For any inquiries please WhatsApp +254720799039. (Use the floating icon – bottom right)
Thank you in advance, Coach Wanjugu.

I learned that when I got born again, God gave me a new identity since I became a new creation, while I also gained an assurance that He sees me in a positive light than I see myself. Besides, I learned that every part of my body is important; consequently, now I walk in confidence knowing I’m important as part of the body of Christ. I live my life knowing that regardless of my abilities, gifts, or position in life, I have an important role to play since I have a purpose that I should fulfil.

I now do understand that my holiness doesn’t come from what I’ve done what Christ did on the cross. In other words, am not a saint because I’ve lived a perfect life, but, I’m a saint because of what Jesus did, since I believe in Him.

I have more confidence in myself, my prayer life, my work, my relationships, because my true identity in Him is secure. When I received Christ, I became a child of God, a partaker of His divine nature, and that He has granted me all things that pertain to life and godliness since He called me to His glory and excellence. I know I have been bought with a price, I am not my own, I belong to God and that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who lives within me. God’s Spirit lives in me, I am His holy place; thus, I take extra care of myself, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Knowing that I have received the Spirit of God into my life, I know and understand the things freely given to me by Him, because I do have the mind of Christ. So, I don’t live my life in slavery to fear anymore, because the spirit of fear is not from God. I am assured I have a spirit of power, love, and self-control. Furthermore, I am saved, not for my own purpose but His own purpose, for His glory. I know I have been justified, completely forgiven and made righteous by faith.

I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, and that am redeemed through His blood, and forgiven of all my trespasses, therefore, making me a recipient of His lavish grace.

When it comes to the topic of identity, I have learnt that as a daughter of God, my identity is in the word of God or Christ. I’m created in God’s image and likeness and I’m not what my friends said about me. I am set free from slavery and generational curses and everything about my life is  aligned with His word. Besides, I have learned that I have been redeemed from the curse of law and received blessings of Abraham.

When I joined the She is Wired program, I began to understand that I am unique, which led me to stat focusing on my strengths and gifts instead of my weaknesses. In this regard, I wrote down my visions and I have seen God through them.

I learnt more on my identity in God, which has brought a reassurance in my relationship with God as a woman. I realized that I am where I need to be; therefore, God is aware of every experience in my life, which He uses it to shape my purpose. I explored my spiritual gifts and now I am bold enough to exercise them. Similarly, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I’ve understood that as a woman, I play a vital role on the face of the earth, which makes me unstoppable.

One of my deepest desire has been to walk with and impact other women in a positive way while also encouraging them to be of great support to other women, which causes a ripple effect.  Therefore, I pray that God continues using me as a vessel of honor to bring hope and good tidings to every woman that He causes to come my way, and I thank God for this.

In conclusion, there has been an immense transformation as I have learnt to see the hand of God in my life and my family.