During adolescence, identity formation is a crucial part of social development. The adolescent battles with the questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? What are my interests? Do I matter?

Our approach

The Crowning the Princess is a 6 week program that seeks to usher your pre-adolescent safely into teenage hood, culminating with a crowning ceremony.
The Sessions are practical and interactive. Transferable concepts are acquired through demonstration, role-playing, question and answer sessions, and practical applications.

Pre-Teen The Real Issue

Identity formation is done by “trying on” different roles in various settings, such as home, school, and other social settings. In this process young girls explore their own values, ethics, spirituality, racial and ethnic identity, sexuality, and gender.

While they are learning what makes them unique, they also have an increased need to “fit in.”

They face a lot of physical changes as they get into adolescent hood which can cause unhealthy self image if not navigated well.

They face peer pressure in terms of lifestyle .i.e. clothing, cars, material possessions etc. from their peers, and can also experience peer to peer conflict. They seem to need a lot of affirmation especially from their parents and may be facing a case of parent absenteeism and general parental issues.

They tend to be marginalized since they are trying to form their own identity and therefore need to be engaged in heathy activities to reduce loneliness and early depression.

Program Content

  • Identity – self-image, body image, femininity
  • Hygiene (self and surrounding environment) and general grooming
  • Honoring authority; Relationship with God, Parents, teachers, and elders.
  • Building healthy relationships – Peers, both older and younger, and siblings, handling Boy-girl relationships.
  • Leadership as influence/ taking responsibility
  • Character and character formation
  • Communication & basic etiquette – How to deal with emotions, conflict and communicate accordingly
  • Sexuality/sexual purity – (Sexual identity, sex before marriage, pornography, sexual self-gratification, etc.)

Program Structure

The sessions will be structured as follows:-

  • 30 minutes of group teaching
  • 30 minutes of doing an interactive activity
  • 30 minutes session in small groups by a qualified facilitator
  • Debrief together for 30 minutes

The sessions will be interactive involving scrap booking, short videos, games and learning a theme song which will be presented in the crowning ceremony.

The parents will be engaged in the sessions. Moms and Dads will spend an hour with their daughters in a session in the program.

The crowning ceremony will also involve parents, the Fathers will crown the daughters as they speak a blessing.

The Impact

The impact on the girls is evident, the outcome is as follows, the girls will have:-

  • A coherent identity based on the word of God with great increase of a healthy self esteem
  • Increase of confidence and how to express themselves
  • Growth in character reflecting the Word of God and expressing the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Grow in etiquette skills and how to observe hygiene and their body changes as they grow
  • How to relate with others, communicate effectively and learn how to handle peer pressure

It's Now Your Turn

Is your ADOLESCENT open-minded and willing to learn? We'll be happy to mould and teach them values that will help in shaping their identity at an early age.